of not caused accident to a minimum for a mere 1% of the regular price?

Have you ever been involved in the car accident?

If so, then you know, how difficult can be prove your innocence. Sometimes the only way, how to prove it, is show the video recording of the car accident. The amount of cars on the roads rises year to year. It is a result of our faster life-style. Growth of the car accidents and caused damages is enormous according to statistics of the insurance companies.
The size of damages between 2005 and 2009 has increased by 80% in the USA!! Amount of damage was $164,2 Billions in the 2005, but it was already $299,5 Billions in the 2009 ( * ). The figures in the Europe are very similar. More...

"The application is perfect. It's a real shame it can't record in the background on iPhone." Frank, USA

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